Campaign for Curlew

The first event with our Creative Campaigners (young people aged 20-30) was at Malham in April 2024 ahead of World Curlew Day. With enthusiastic support from other volunteers and partner organisations the group created an installation of curlew sculptures made from recycled and foraged wire. The group also created lots of resources which are available to download below, along with the instructions (created by Dales bases artist, Lesley Knevitt) of how to make your own curlew sculpture!

We hope other individuals and groups will be inspired by this event (and use the resources!) to set up their own curlew awareness events.

Curlew Awareness Day – Resource Pack:

Curlew resource links:

More about Curlew – Curlew Action Info

Responsible Dog Ownership – ideas from Suffolk Wildlife Trust

Curlew in the Dales – YDNPA

Where do Dales curlew go in the winter?

We need 10,000 more chicks/year – Graham Appleton Wader Tales

Interactive Curlew Presentation – Ellen Bradley Curlew Action