Created by Laurence Parkin, this terrific “infographic” encapsulates our campaign for more trees in the Dales, but not more plastic! First published in the 150th anniversary edition of the Yorkshire Dales Review, the illustration can be downloaded (below) for sharing. The key messages are relevant to planting anywhere, not just in the Dales. With more treeplanting nationally mooted as part of the coronavirus pandemic “green recovery” we hope alternatives ways of planting trees can be explored, avoiding the use of single use plastic where possible. 

Tree Guards Infographic

As part of our campaign to reduce the use of single use plastic as tree planting guards, we organised a demonstration day at a privately owned Dales woodland in March 2020 (before lockdown due to coronavirus). A small but effective group of volunteers collected hundreds of redundant tree guards for onwards recycling. Read more about the day, with more photos, in the short report by Trustee Mark Corner, downloadable below.