Living Woods

This infographic encapsulates our campaign for more trees in the Dales, but not more plastic!

First published in the 150th edition of the Yorkshire Dales Review, the illustration can be downloaded for sharing. The key messages are relevant to planting anywhere, not just in the Dales. With more tree planting regarded as integral to our green recovery, we continue to campaign for alternative ways of planting trees which avoid the use of single use plastic. 

Tree Guards Infographic

As part of our campaign to reduce the use of single use plastic for tree planting guards, we have organised several events at privately owned Dales woodlands, where volunteers have collected thousands of redundant tree guards for onwards recycling. Such events have resulted in significant press coverage. Eleven out of the 12 other National Park Societies, along with Campaign for National Parks now also actively support the campaign and major tree planters such as Woodland Trust, have pledged to stop planting with plastic. Read more on our News page.

group of people with tree guards they've collected.

Hard word, but rewarding – one of our plastic tree guard collection events.