Below is a list of current campaigns we are active on, with further detail on two important campaigns – Plastics and Verges – shown in the menu to the left

  • Reducing the use of single use plastic in the Dales
  • Better cutting times for roadside verges to protect wildflowers and wildlife
  • Protecting/enhancing the national park (through our work to monitor and comment on major or significant planning applications and our policy development work)
  • Proper funding for the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority
  • North Craven Quarries/rail
  • Saving digitally our cultural heritage  – our Capturing the Past Heritage Lottery Funded project
  • Sustainable Communities – for example our Vibrant Communities events and campaigns to keep local schools open
  • Upland Farming
  • Local Transport
  • Affordable Housing

Former significant campaigns

  • YDNP/LDNP extension – successful extension in 2016
  • Protecting Green Lanes
  • Public Rights of Way and Access. (New extended area brings this up the list again)
  • Traditional (Farm) Building protection
  • Support for the saving of the Settle to Carlisle line
  • Setting up of DalesBus – and annual support which is ongoing