Living Access

The Yorkshire Dales needs an comprehensive and effective public transport network to be available seven days per week for local residents and visitors. This is particularly important as its economy is heavily dependent on weekend visitors and also to enable people to live and work. This has been recognised in a statement on public transport from the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority which highlights the need for urgent substantial improvements to the public transport network in the area for social, economic and environmental reasons – with the latter of particular importance in the context of the climate breakdown.

What we are doing:

Fundraising to procure and manage the weekend DalesBus network of buses into and around the Dales through our subsidiary Dales and Bowland Community Interest Company.

Lobbying MPs and North Yorkshire Council regarding the new Local Transport Plan and its vital importance for not only serving lower income households and younger people, but also in reducing the number of vehicles travelling into the Dales and therefore total annual emissions.

Campaigning on social media and in the press about the needs of residents and visitors for a more comprehensive public transport service in the Dales, especially at key times and regular intervals.

Promoting all bus and train services into and around the Dales.

Could you be a sustainable transport champion this year by going the extra (sustainable) mile? Small changes to your travel for a commute or leisure can make a big difference. Or even, like our Creative Campaigner, Bess Holt why not make an epic journey? Bess made a 3000 mile round trip from Hellifield in the Yorkshire Dales to Sweden exclusively by rail. 
Read all about it via the link below:
DalesBus 884 service to Malham c. Dales and Bowland CIC