Objects and Articles of Association

Note: Friends of the Dales is a working name of the registered charity, Yorkshire Dales Society (515384). Our registered company by guarantee name is the Yorkshire Dales Society (1822908).

We updated our Articles of Assocation in 2015, based on the Charity Commission template and including simplified and updated Charitable Objects. 

Our charitable Objects are:

  1. To promote for the benefit of the public the conservation of the landscape, biodiversity and cultural heritage of the Yorkshire Dales National Park and adjacent areas, and the social and economic well-being of its local communities; and to encourage others to engage with, understand, enjoy and protect these areas.
  2. In pursuance of the above, to advance the education of the public.

You can read the full Articles of Association of Friends of the Dales (Yorkshire Dales Society) below:

What does the word ‘guarantor’ on my membership card mean?

Being a company limited by guarantee means that legally each Member has to be a ‘guarantor’. This has no impact unless at some point in the future the company could not meet its debts and had to be wound up. At that point each Member would be asked to contribute a sum towards those debts. The contribution from each Member is set legally at no more than £1 per Member. 

You can read a fuller explantion of what being a guarantor means by downloading the PDF below. It is also available on request from Ann Shadrake, Executor Director by email or contact form