From Peat to Paddling – now online

Our sell out 2022 conference debating the true health of our UK rivers, with a special emphasis on the River Wharfe, is now available to view online.

Six dedicated films feature the key highlights and takeaways for each of our guest speakers:

Prof Rick Battarbee, Emeritus professor of environmental change at University College London and a founder member of the Ilkley Clean River Group. Rick has also identified the principal sources of water pollution in the River Wharfe and its catchment upstream of Ilkley through the iWharfe project created in partnership with the Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust. The title of Rick’s talk is ‘How polluted is the Wharfe?’ View this talk here

Dr Amy-Jane Beer, a biologist, naturalist and writer with a longstanding love of rivers as explored in her recently published book, The Flow: river, water and wildness. The title of Amy-Jane’s talk is ‘Thinking like a river’. View this talk here

Dr Martin Christmas, as area environment manager for North Yorkshire Martin explored the land, water, waste, ecology and groundwater challenges faced by the Environment Agency. View this talk here

Prof Jonathan Grey, is research and conservation officer for the Wild Trout Trust, an environmental charity which uses trout as an indicator species of waterbody health. The title of Jonathan’s talk is ‘Wharfe woes and trout tales’. View this talk here

Charlotte Simons, the senior catchment partnership officer for the Dales to Vale Rivers Network talked about river health and the issues facing the River Wharfe and what individuals and organisations can do to improve them. View this take here

Tim Thom, peat programme manager for Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, focused on ‘wilder catchments’ and why we should give peat a chance. View this talk here

The six films were produced by Ruth Garrett at Kittiwake Productions.

Photo by Stephen Garnett showing Dr Amy-Jane Beer speaking at From Peat to Paddling.